Stick Transform

Stick Transform

In the amusing running game Stick Transform, the player must sprint and overcome each obstacle by transforming into a variety of characters with distinct abilities. Can you win every game by making excellent personnel decisions?

On the screen, you will see the starting line for your character and the other competitors in the competition. At the signal, all athletes will begin to sprint forward, gradually increasing their speed. Along the route, they will encounter obstacles such as cubes and holes in the ground. Transform the stickman to conquer obstacles. Choose a runner to run rapidly, a fireman to put out fires, a cop to catch thieves, and so on. Complete levels to obtain rewards. As you play, you can collect coins and unlock new characters. Those coins can be used to increase the skill of any character you pick. Enjoy an unending journey based on your abilities; don't look back as you sprint and conquer hundreds of levels to collect massive rewards - it's time to have fun!

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Stick Transform
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