Super Martin Princess In Trouble

Super Martin Princess In Trouble
Super Martin Princess In Trouble

Welcome to Super Martin Princess In Trouble! This is the game for you if you like Mario and adventure stories about saving beautiful princesses.

This time, our main character is Martin, a bold young man like Mario. Evil creatures kidnapped the beautiful princess, and when our superhero Martin heard about it, he decided to save her right away! But saving her will be difficult, and he will undoubtedly require your assistance. Will you assist Super Martin in rescuing the lovely princess? Please hurry! The princess is in serious jeopardy and needs to be rescued!

How To Play

To move the character, use the arrow keys, and to jump, use the space bar. Without falling, jump from one platform to another securely. On your way to destroy enemies, jump on top of them. Remember to gather coins along the way.

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