Fat Mario Vs Zombies

Fat Mario Vs Zombies

Fat Mario Vs Zombies is a new Mario shooting game. Don't allow any zombies to live in this awesome shooting game. Explore and accomplish numerous levels.

Mario has recently become rather sluggish. The mushroom kingdom is serene. Bowser remained silent in his lair and refused to leave. Mario eats well and frequently; his stomach is already bulging out of his jeans. In Fat Mario Vs Zombies, zombies emerge from the nearby swamp and begin to settle on platforms. Mario does not like it at all. He prepares to combat uninvited guests, but he will not run after them; instead, he will shoot ghosts without leaving his position. Aim and shoot all of the zombies that appear in the level. Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse

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Fat Mario Vs Zombies
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