Mr Dracula

Mr Dracula
Mr Dracula

For many, Mr. Dracula has long represented a genuine horror. He was a blood-drinker who inspired fear in the populace. People trembled at the mere mention of the old vampire's name. But what if, for one day, he is not the antagonist but the protagonist? Our wait is almost over as we attempt to determine this! The "Mr. Dracula" video game casts players in the role of the infamous vampire hunter who eventually found the light and joined the fight against evil. The vampire loaded his gun with silver bullets and headed towards the wicked city.

Dracula is not someone you want to spend time with since he enjoys being alone and is exhausted by human interaction after living on Earth for hundreds of years. Even though Halloween is approaching, he is now trapped within his castle and has no plans to let anybody out. And nevertheless, a procession of creatures, including mummies, zombies, pumpkin heads, and others, made it to the castle in search of a nice treat from the great vampire. The vampire has a gun in his hands to ward off any potential invaders, and you'll be helping him deal with them. As the vampire only gets three bullets per level, you may conserve some ammo by employing ricochet. If you aim at anything in Mr. Dracula and fire at a stone wall, the bullet will ricochet and strike its intended target.

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