Parkour Block Xmas Special

Parkour Block Xmas Special
Parkour Block Xmas Special

It's time to play the game Parkour Block Xmas Special and take on a fun Christmas challenge! You must assist this specific Santa Claus in crossing the stage by jumping from one treetop to another and avoiding stepping on the ground. This game is modeled after the well-known Minecraft video game and features engaging 3D visuals and an unending white snow-covered setting.

How To Play

Use the WASD arrows to travel and the spacebar to jump as you move from one blocky Christmas tree to the next. Be extremely careful not to fall to the ground on the snow, since that will result in failure.

It really is that easy, and we sincerely hope that each time you pass away, you will strive harder the following time in order to make even more progress and have even more fun. We wish you luck and hope you have as much fun as we did throughout the entire process!

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