Super Mario Stacks

Super Mario Stacks
Super Mario Stacks

Mario feels as if the Mushroom Kingdom has shrunk, so he chooses to venture into new territory at Super Mario Stacks! There were no opponents in an unfamiliar universe, but he suddenly understood that the platforms he was standing on may vanish from space if he did not rapidly hop to the next platform. What will become of Mario next?

He had to continually fight Bowser's henchmen in his native world when he was trying to rescue the princess. In the current world, there were no opponents in his way, but it was incredibly tough to survive to the end. It's never been simple to get around here. Earthen platforms floated in space in front of him, ready to vanish as soon as he stepped foot on them. Mario's main goal in this game is to continuously jump to the nearest tiles in order to stay alive as long as possible. Players are reminded with each tick of the clock that these stacks will not last forever. Quick reflexes and timely jumping are essential, especially if you don't want Mario to run off the cliff. Let's see how far Mario can progress in this game!

How To Play

Tap left and right to jump over stacks!

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