Mario Giggle World

Mario Giggle World
Mario Giggle World
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Mario Giggle World is a fan-made custom ROM hack based on the original game Super Mario World. Discover 3 new planets, 7 different ways to escape, and 22 challenging levels. Collect coins, defeat a variety of frightening foes by jumping on them, and finish this journey to the best of your abilities!

Engage in exciting exploits spanning three brand-new planets and triumph over a wide range of perils along the way. Mario Giggle World is not like your typical Super Mario World; it is exceedingly difficult, with highly difficult platforming stages, opponents that are impossible to defeat, and many traps and shocks throughout the game. The gameplay also incorporates a number of new types of mechanisms. I hope you win!

How To Play

↑←↓→ = [W],[A],[S],[D]


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