Super Mano

Super Mano
Super Mano

In Super Mano, you play as Mano, who must overcome hurdles and beat adversaries in order to accomplish his ambition of capturing treasure. Run and leap your way through exciting levels while exploring stunning locations with numerous hiding spots. Best wishes!

The hero named Mano resembles the plumber Mario and even wears a blue cap, but he is much younger and lacks experience, yet this does not prevent the hero from traveling to the mystical land in the game Super Mano. There are witches, skeletons, vampires, and other terrible spirits. There is always darkness and mold on our planet. But the hero chose to embark on such a daring and perilous adventure for a purpose. If he can overcome all of the hurdles and clear the route of the undead, he will be able to discover boxes holding gems and gold buried in the gloomy world. To assist the hero, there are buttons on the bottom right that allow him to employ swords, grenades, and even firearms. No bad spirit can stand up against Super Mano's weaponry.

How To Play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to jump

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