Robox can't make it through this ordeal without you on its side. In the future, robots have become our pals, and today is just another day. One of the many adorable little robots, Robox, is on your side. But it now needs to complete a critical task; can you help him?

I present to you an old-fashioned adventure. Now that you're a robot's pal, you'll get to go on an amazing journey together. Move through the game's levels with your robotic companion. There are a total of 30 stages to beat. The goal of each stage is to get to the door leading to the next stage. You'll need to navigate a series of platforms and solve various puzzles to reach your goal. You can use the J key to fire at the surrounding blocks, or you can use your mouse to aim and click. This can help you locate the exits and determine the quickest route to get out of the building. If you don't want to fail the level, be careful not to fall into the gaps or onto the spikes. Let's see if you have what it takes to make it through all 30 challenging levels!

How to play

How To Play Robox

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