Royal Heroes

Royal Heroes
Royal Heroes

Royal Heroes is a strategy game set in a medieval fantasy world. Build a large army to protect the Cursed Kingdom against terrible creatures and become the mighty monarch of the Cursed Kingdom.

A land afflicted by black magic and creatures that emerge from the shadows. This was once a large kingdom. It has the potential to be fantastic once more. That is all up to you. Put yourself in the shoes of a commander and command a liberation campaign. Hire fearsome knights, powerful magicians, and astute rogues to combat all manner of foes. Send them into combat and watch them battle in real time. Banish the opposing power, reap the benefits, and unleash a plethora of enhancements. Travel to a medieval fantasy universe populated by enigmatic monsters and valiant explorers. Become a powerful medieval lord or lady to overthrow the evil that is ravaging the adjacent territories.


  • 13 famous zones teeming with orcs, goblins, and other adversaries
  • 10 difficult levels
  • There are 18 classes with varying talents and features.
  • Excellent 2D graphics and epic music
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