Mad Burger 3

Mad Burger 3

This launcher, Mad Burger 3,  is a lot of fun! Why not try a Wild West-style burger? You'll have to wait a long time for it. However, it will still be a delicious dish! Make the burger, learn how to make it, buy the ingredients, and practice your newfound skills before kicking it as far as you can! Precaution: Beware of bandits and hungry locals!

In the next round, try to amass as much cash as possible so you can throw your burger even further. To get your burger flying high, give it the most power in the beginning and use sauce to give it an extra boost. What do you think of your chances of achieving a new highscore each time? Learn more about Mad Burger 3 and have a great time!

How to play

How To Play Mad Burger 3

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