Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt
Idiom Hunt

Train your logic, aim and tapping skills while having fun with Idioms Hunt. By providing accurate answers to questions on English idioms, you may assist the Native Boy in his fight against the wild creatures and dinosaurs in the remaining 20 seconds. Learn to use idioms like a pro by giving it a go and comparing your results with those of the top scorers on the leaderboard. The words that are provided on the bottom panel should be used to build an idiom as the aim. You'll find a hint in the description that's located in the bottom left corner. Your mission is to investigate the environment and assemble the words in the appropriate order as you go through the level. To get to the words on the level, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to jump and move about on the platforms. As you continue, lengthier idioms will begin to appear. Make the most of the free word games that are available to expand your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of English idioms.

How To Play

How To Play Idiom Hunt

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