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One Trick Mage

One Trick Mage

In the adventure puzzle game One Trick Mage, you play as a nice magician whose altruistic objective is to rescue all inmates imprisoned in chests. This game, like most released platform games, features appealing pixel graphics. Simple gameplay and lovely tunes will undoubtedly keep you interested and unable to take your eyes away.

Each hard level will place your character in a small platform chamber with a shimmering background. You aim to hop over barriers to reach the magic potion and activate the magical power to successfully rescue the inmates. The treasure chests in the room hold imprisoned people, and you must get there to free them. However, the magician can only utilize the power once, so if you save one prisoner before taking the medicine, you will not have enough magic to save the second. If you grasp the goal, try One Trick Mage and complete the noble duty of the magnificent wizard!

How to play

  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to control the character
  • Jump up using the W key or the up arrow key
  • Press SPACEBAR to use magic
  • Press R key to reboot

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One Trick Mage
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