Zombie Hunt

Zombie Hunt
Zombie Hunt

You are being attacked by hordes of zombies; make sure none of them come too near by tapping on them to fire your weapon. Would you want to try out some brand new zombie games that are completely free? Your primary objective in this amusing clicker game is to keep yourself alive! Prove yourself a skilled zombie hunter in this action-packed arcade clicker right now! If you tap the zombie, you may eliminate it before it reaches the bottom of the screen. As you make your way through the many arcade levels, more foes of varying varieties will appear. For example, the zombie granny may transform into a ball of yarn in order to draw closer. Miner has the ability to dig into the earth and creep closer while maintaining their immunity to damage. However, pay careful attention when you touch it rapidly. Just like in a lot of other shooting games, you fail a level not just if your zombie defense fails, but also if you strike the incorrect target. In this cartoon zombie survival game, your goal should be to survive for as long as possible by smashing zombies.

How To Play

How To Play Zombie Hunt

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