Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour
Traffic Tour

In Traffic Tour, you take control of a fast car and race across congested freeways. Find your way down a straight highway populated with vehicles and trucks. Enjoy a smooth driving experience and high-quality graphics made for fans of traffic racers.

In this visually stunning racing/driving game, you'll be dropped right into the action of a nail-biting competition. Select your vehicle and any customizations you'd want to make before getting started. You may improve your vehicle's performance by purchasing upgrades with coins you already have or by watching reward advertisements to earn additional coins. Thanks to the engaging 3D visuals, you can even spin your custom-built automobile around and have a look at it from every angle. Select the game mode later on depending on whether you want to practice free driving or compete in a race. If you think you have what it takes to be a safe driver, be cool and explore all available modes.

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