Crazy Shooter

Crazy Shooter
Crazy Shooter

Now is the time to add murder to the list of the Crazy Shooter's many objectives. You are invincible! To put it simply, you're fantastic right now. Then you should just pull out your weapon and kill them. Don't stop till the danger is gone. Prepare to clear the buildings of enemy troops. 

Tonight is the chance to let your wild side loose. That's the only way to eliminate your foes with absolute certainty. Can you believe how many enemy troops are inside that building? The goal of the game is to shoot all of the soldiers out of the building and finish the levels. Each level begins with a customization menu where you can pick your weapon and outfit. Then we'll be ready to begin play. Your opponents are seen via the open windows of the adjacent building. Use a series of clicks to fire at your enemies. But be wary! And they will shoot at you as well. This is why it's crucial to constantly adjust your position in order to dodge the enemy fire. To visit the other windows and compete for survival, click on them. The number of remaining adversaries is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The excellent things you do throughout the level will be rewarded with diamonds at the end of the level. Put it toward better equipment or brand new firearms and armor. Best of luck!

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