BubbleQuod 2

BubbleQuod 2
BubbleQuod 2

This is a great opportunity for both platformers and people who are interested in brainteasers to get a new perspective on these genres. Bubblequod 2 gives you the opportunity to experience weightlessness while moving the protagonist through the platform game. Drag the bubble-bound character using the arrow keys. As you modify the opposition to friction and modify the intuition, you can see the physics and movement changing. Looking for adventure? This time-killer will delight you! There are many levels that you will enjoy, including some of the most popular games. To finish the game you will need to use all your tapping skills and logic!

How To Play

  • WASD / arrow key = move
  • P = pause
  • Left-click = press the menu button
  • Hold and drag the left mouse button = see the entire stage
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