Bazooka Boy Online

Bazooka Boy Online

In Bazooka Boy Online, let your bazooka speak for itself! You were minding your own business when you heard that some adversaries had stormed your city's streets. It is now your responsibility to clear them all out one by one using your weapon!

This is a shooting-based action game. But don't ignore the importance of developing solid techniques in order to solve the case of how to aim your foes at each stage. There are 24 levels, with your foes positioned in various locations. Your goal is to use the limited amount of ammunition provided to shoot all of the enemies in a level. If you have an enemy standing when you run out of ammunition, you will fail the level. Click left, drag your cursor to aim, and then release the left click to shoot. Try to hit your ragdoll enemies and see if you can complete all of the stages ahead of you!

How to play

How To Play Bazooka Boy Online

Bazooka Boy Online
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