Cookies Must Die Online

Cookies Must Die Online
Cookies Must Die Online

Cookies Must Die Online pits you against hordes of adversaries. You're a fearless fighter who can stomp the living daylights out of your foes. You must now jump over tall buildings, get past obstacles, and beat the enemies of the city to win. 

Defeat waves of foes and overcome a variety of tests in this exciting action game. You are alone in a dangerous place, surrounded by steep walls and deep crevices. To throw your character, just click and hold the left mouse button while dragging the cursor to the desired side. It is your mission to crush as many cookies as possible by flying over money and crashing into them. The milkshake and other adversaries are harmless to touch, but you'll lose a life if you come into contact with them. You're set to go and can proceed to the next level once you've reached the car at the end of each chapter. Keep in mind that you may use your coin haul to purchase enhancements like a stronger magnet, a barrier that prevents damage, more powerful rockets, and more lives. For an added layer of excitement, you can use those coins to purchase new skins to customize your character.

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