Super Spy Mario VS Skibidi Toilet

Super Spy Mario VS Skibidi Toilet

Super Spy Mario VS Skibidi Toilet, a spectacular combination of action and stealth gameplay, transports you to the fascinating realm of espionage. You will take on the role of Mario, a super spy, in order to foil Skibidi Toilet's diabolical plot. Players must negotiate a number of painstakingly constructed levels, each with its own unique set of obstacles and solutions. The main goal is to avoid the unrelenting pursuit of the enigmatic Skibidi Toilet and defeat its army of adversaries using stealth and ingenuity. You will have to overcome several levels, including restaurants, parks, and schools, as well as space. You will encounter various adversaries and traps along the route, but you can also battle with a variety of weapons and toys. It is critical to move rapidly and overcome numerous roadblocks. You will come across adversaries along the way and will need to eliminate them. You won't have any weapons, so pick the best offensive stance to take them out without causing havoc. By hitting the Z button, you can fire. Gather the items you discover around them.

How to play

Use the arrows

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Super Spy Mario VS Skibidi Toilet
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