Super Mario City Run

Super Mario City Run

In Super Mario City Run, the famed plumber switches pipes for a more aerial adventure. In this infinite running game, your mission is to assist our hero in sprinting the largest distance possible while collecting golden gold coins.

Mario has become a parkour enthusiast and intends to explore the city's rooftops. People say the sky's the limit, but in this case, your limit may be a terrible fall or dangling blades poised to tear Mario apart. Your mission is to aid him in jumping and sliding to build momentum and avoid obstacles! Run through each level, collecting coins as you go. You must hop over obstacles, avoid water, and avoid fire. You can also destroy some blocks to find more coins. Power-ups such as jetpacks and super-sized mushrooms can also be found. This game's graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is both enjoyable and tough. This is a must-play for any Super Mario fan!

How to play

Use the arrows.

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Super Mario City Run
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