Sonic Burned Edition

Sonic Burned Edition
Sonic Burned Edition

Speed is key in Sonic Burned Edition. Sonic has just defeated Dr. Eggman, and he now wishes for the end of the conflict. Aid Sonic in completing all levels once more.

Dr. Eggman is back after being defeated and burning down all the areas you know and love from this series of 2D platformer games, so now you have to guide him through them again, but this time with fire surrounding him, giving the game a taste of hell that will make it even more enjoyable than the original!


Z represents A, X represents B, C represents C, A represents X, S represents Y, and D represents Z. The objective is the same as always, so reach the end of each level by avoiding plunging into holes, colliding with spikes, or being killed by various traps and dangers, including enemies, as Robotnik's robot will pursue you.

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