Sonic And Knuckles

Sonic And Knuckles
Sonic And Knuckles

Welcome to Sonic And Knuckles, the renowned classic game that will transport you back to your childhood memories.

Sonic annihilated the Launch Base. Eggman has intensified his scheme to energize the Death Egg. Knuckles, however, is a slacker who decides to take a snooze when a bomb detonates. OH. Knuckles survives the detonation, which he attributes to Sonic. In pursuit of the perpetrator's concealment, he intends to uncover the truth. The championship contest is about to start! Discover uncommon gameplay mechanics that add a new dimension to this popular platform game. Knuckles can indeed glide, scale surfaces, and destroy certain decorative elements. Depending on the character you choose, there are various routes to the level's conclusion.

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