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SMW The Crown Tale

SMW The Crown Tale

SMW The Crown Tale is a Super Mario World hack featuring traditional Mario gameplay and a slightly altered narrative involving Bowsette and the magical Super Crown.

At the start of the game, Mario is on vacation on a remote island when Toadette abruptly appears and delivers terrible news. The plot centers around the curse of a magically evil god, which awakens the crown and eventually takes over the minds of Bowser and Peach, driving them both insane. Assist Mario in returning to the Kingdom of Mushrooms and rescuing the universe once more.


  • 92 new levels
  • 112 exits
  • 25 moons to find
  • 460 dragon coins to find between 92 levels
  • DDA system
  • New moves: wall jump, long jump, and high jump

How to play

    = Directions
Z = A   X = B
A = X   S = Y
D = L   C = R
enter ↵  = Start
space   = Select


SMW The Crown Tale
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