Super Mario World: Luigi Is Villain

Super Mario World: Luigi Is Villain
Super Mario World: Luigi Is Villain

Super Mario World: Luigi Is Villain is a thrilling adventure game set in a world filled with traps, magic stars, power-ups, and numerous dangerous foes. Join Mario and Luigi on this unforgettable journey and assist them in overcoming the upcoming obstacles.

Assist him in surviving to the end by avoiding death at the hands of evil creatures and moving one step closer to rescuing the attractive Princess Peach! You will navigate your hero forward using the control keys. Are you courageous enough to undertake this endeavor? As you attempt to defeat Luigi, you must jump around, accumulate a large number of coins, avoid falling off cliffs or getting sucked into the mouths of dangerous carnivorous plants, and destroy any obstructing blocks. You can perform double jumps and extremely high jumps; you can slay monsters not only by leaping over them but also by throwing the corpses of previously defeated monsters at them; and you should take care not to confuse your objects with harmless foregrounds and terrain. Best wishes.

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