ShyGuy Kaizo Dream

ShyGuy Kaizo Dream
ShyGuy Kaizo Dream
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Welcome to ShyGuy Kaizo Dream! Both ShyGuy and Ninji appear to be stuck in the dream world; is it possible for them to find their way out of this place?

A peculiar dream realm that is chock full of perils awaits you. Only bravery and an absence of fear can provide the strength necessary for our characters to triumph over death. To prevent having your life taken from you, navigate adversities with elegance. To control the movement of your character, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Featuring gameplay that is both familiar and not overly innovative, but also featuring new barriers that present players with fresh difficulties. If you are a devoted lover of Mario, this new edition will keep you enthralled for a considerable amount of time. Yes, absolutely! Have fun!

How To Play

How to play:

↑←↓→ = [W],[A],[S],[D]

A, B, X, Y Button = [J], [K], [I], [L]

L, R Button = [U], [O]

PLAY, SELECT = [Enter], [Space-Bar]



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