Mario vs. Huggy Wuggy

Mario vs. Huggy Wuggy

Mario vs. Huggy Wuggy is an archery game that features both Mario and the villainous Huggy Wuggy duo. Become a superhuman archer, ready to shoot down anything that stands in your way.

Huggy Waggi and his sweetheart, Kissy Missy, dared to enter Mario's domain, which enraged the plumber. He's heard a lot about toy monsters, their terrible personalities, and the chaos and destruction they cause. The hero resolved to confront the pink-green monster with all his courage and wrath. You will assist the hero in transforming into a bold and accurate archer in order to deal with a couple of threats. Click or tap the phone screen to select directions, then sit back and relax while Mario shoots the target bow and arrow and defeats the Huggy Wuggy monster, but keep an eye on the quantity of arrows available in each level!

How to play

Use the mouse/ tap the the phone screen

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Mario vs. Huggy Wuggy
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