Indian Truck Simulator 3D

Indian Truck Simulator 3D

Prepare to operate your vehicle on various roads in the Indian Truck Simulator. The life of a truck driver may appear straightforward, yet there are many hurdles in transporting varied merchandise from point A to point B. This game has several levels and a lot to offer! 

In this game, your goal is straightforward. All you have to do is complete each level by transporting the merchandise on your truck to the destination before time runs out. To begin the game, click the screen on the main menu. Choose one of the nine different trucks to drive next. Some of the settings are restricted here, but you can unlock them as you play and earn money. After picking a truck, select a game mode. You have two choices: summer or winter. Each contains 15 levels for you to finish. When on a level, use the WASD keys to move your truck. Follow the road arrows to your location and wait for the cargo to be loaded. Then go to the opposite location to unload the cargo. You must complete each level before the timer runs out. Good luck!

How to play

How To Play Indian Truck Simulator 3D

Indian Truck Simulator 3D
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