Egg Wars

Egg Wars
Egg Wars

Take on the role of a fearsome egg soldier in Egg Wars and feel the thrill of a one-of-a-kind melee battle like never before!

Do you think you have a chance of winning because of your keen eye, quick mind, and bravery? In this game, you must race a stunning 3D environment full of intricate intricacies and deadly traps, all the while firing recklessly at your enemies' heads until only you remain. I wish you the best of luck!

It's your job to wipe out the other team by eliminating their eggs and players before they can respawn. Teams can range in size from a single person to ten people. If you die, not only will you lose your life but all of your possessions as well. Crawl into a hiding area and wait for unsuspecting foes to wander into your trap, or frantically dash around the battlefield to throw off your pursuers and shoot anything that moves! Turn on your wits and sense of survival; betrayers are all around you. Identify your optimal body type for your combat style, and then equip yourself with weapons that complement that style. During breaks in play, you can visit the main menu to collect random rewards, and logging in every day unlocks even more.

How To Play

How To Play Egg Wars

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