Diggy and you will find some amazing riches if you give them a hand. Your help will be needed as he begins a new line of work. He is looking for treasures to uncover. Is it possible to lend a helping hand on his journey?

It is not an easy task for our tiny mignon. He is exhausted and it makes it almost impossible to dig everywhere. But he is extremely enticing when he finds the right spots. In order to amass a fortune, he loves digging and collecting new minerals. But you can make his life easier. The best way to help him is to be as efficient as possible. Make use of your radar to identify the jewels near him. The more you dig, you'll discover more precious stones in a given day. Do not forget to improve your skills such as daily energy and radar or drilling! Let's take a look at how successful you are in the digging business, and what amount you make.


How to play

How To Play Diggy

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