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Alien Dream

Alien Dream is an interesting platform adventure game in which a green extraterrestrial becomes lost on Earth. Help him survive his adventure to collect coins and battle other nasty beasts.

Alien Dream, which is inspired by the famous game Super Mario Bros, features an alien emerging from a water pipe and embarking on a tough quest. This alien merely wants to explore the forest and collect coins, but the animals do not appear to welcome him. Make him leap over platforms while avoiding animals until he finishes the level. If you see another creature approaching, hurl darts at it or jump to destroy it before it harms your alien. Be cautious, because your character only has three lives in each level. If you run out of three lives, you'll lose and have to restart. Built with lovely pixel graphics reminiscent of the 80s, Alien Dream will undoubtedly provide you with extremely pleasant entertainment moments!

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to control movements
  • Press Z key to jump up
  • Press X key to throw darts
  • Press Enter to start or pause the game

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Alien Dream
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