Tiny Alien

Tiny Alien
Tiny Alien

Tiny Alien is an addicting game with many science-fiction elements. Avoid perilous traps and alien foes as you advance in this thrilling online platformer arcade game.

The gems have been taken. You are the aliens they've dispatched on a mission to retrieve them, even if it means annihilating the enemy and jumping over their facilities as you travel. The primary objective of the game is to survive for as long as feasible. Fly with this affable alien through outer space! The vastness of outer space is enough to make anyone feel alone and insignificant, but you are not alone on this voyage! A companion will assist the little alien in defeating the adversaries encountered throughout the many levels of this game. Your companion will attempt to shoot your adversaries before they reach you. You will perish if you tumble into a chasm or are shot by an adversary. Each foe you eliminate will release coins. You can collect and use these to acquire new enhancements or even alter the appearance of aliens. Can you protect the galaxy?


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