Zombie Royale.io

Zombie Royale.io

Say goodbye to the world you used to know in Zombie Royale.io. You no longer have to worry about getting a job and getting up early. As soon as the dead came out of their graves, it became hard to breathe. You better know how to use a gun. The end of the world has come!

There are too many graves that are empty. Now is the time to show how brave, strong, and smart you are. Only then can you make it through these awful times and live to tell about them. You have the option of playing in one of two distinct ways. In the first game mode, you have to move around the map and kill all the zombies by using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. When your character sees zombies, he or she will begin shooting on their own. Since waves of zombies are coming at you, you might need help. You can find other survivors who will join you along the way. You can also request assistance by clicking the buttons at the bottom left and right of the screen. Kill all the bosses whose names are in red and underlined on your list to earn pizzas and use them to buy upgrades. When you get rid of them, you'll also be able to go to new places. You can try out two different modes in the League mode. In the PvP mode, you can fight both zombies and other players. Find gas for the car in car mode and leave the city to get away from the horde. Best of luck!

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