Temple Puzzle

Temple Puzzle
Temple Puzzle

Prepare to enter a fascinating temple filled with puzzles when you play Temple Puzzle! Let the adventure begin if you have the courage to enter this temple right now!

You and your loyal beaver companion decided to embark on an expedition across areas where no one has set foot in dozens of years. The mysteries are about to be revealed, thanks to you! In this entertaining sliding tile puzzle game, your goal is to slide the tiles together to form a complete, meaningful image. Begin by selecting a level, and you will be sent to the problem. You will select one of the tiles on the board and drag your mouse to move it into place. What? Is there a tile missing? Don't be alarmed! The missing image will emerge on the board once you have solved the problem and completed the image. The numbers of your moves can be found in the game's left bottom corner. The right side of the slash mark indicates the maximum number of moves required to receive a medal for your beauty. Already, great work! Have fun and good luck!

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