Logan Kart 8

Logan Kart 8
Logan Kart 8

Logan Kart 8 is a Mario Kart fan game. The game has a lot of content in a fast-paced, action-packed racing journey. 

The story of the game is about Logan, a brave and charismatic racer who fights against different characters in exciting kart races on a variety of challenging tracks. In Logan Kart 8, each character has their own unique skills and traits, which gives players a lot of strategy choices when picking a racer. New players will enjoy how easy the game is to understand and play, while more experienced players can get into the more complicated moves and learn how to drift, slide, and use power wisely. Participants will be racing through a wide range of interesting settings, such as lush forests, frozen tundra, busy cities, and even other worlds. Each track is full of turns, jumps, and other hurdles that make it exciting to race and give players a chance to show off their skills

How To Play

  • Accelerate | W | Up Arrow

  • Brake | S | Down Arrow

  • Left | A | Left Arrow

  • Right | D | Right Arrow

  • Item Throw Forward | W | Up Arrow

  • Item Throw Backward | S | Down Arrow

  • Drift/Confirm | Space | Return/Enter

  • Use Item | Left Shift | Right Shift

  • Look Behind | Q | Right Control


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