Fall Guys World

Fall Guys World
Fall Guys World
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Fall Guys World is a one-of-a-kind blend of Super Mario and Fall Guys. A fun platform game inspired by Mario's universe, with hundreds of coins to collect, heaps of traps, and dozens of foes waiting to take your life.

The players are preparing for the most insane marathon in history, worthy of the fabled Supreme Crown, the most priceless! What awaits you on this adventure? Check it out for yourself! Defend your life and control cute characters while having fun in a scary and colorful universe! Explore every area, collecting secret power-ups that will help you grow larger and avoid falling into gaps due to poor jumping. Enjoy the renowned Fall Guys saga game but in the Mario Bros world environment. Accompany the minifigures as they complete the world's levels of Mario's magnificent planet.

How To Play

↑←↓→ = [W],[A],[S],[D]

A, B, X, Y Button = [J], [K], [I], [L]

L, R Button = [U], [O]

PLAY, SELECT = [Enter], [Space-Bar]


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