Get ready for an international tournament unlike any other with Sploop.io! In order to survive, all you have to do is collect supplies. No one will give you a pass, so you should take care of business yourself. Make your own story and progress through it by amassing resources and currency. Nothing can bring you down if you can make it through this battlefield and up the ranks. Are you ready for the excitement? Then the fight must begin! 

You've been abandoned here in the wilderness. Whatever weapon you happen to be wielding is the only ally you have. When you must go quickly, do so without turning around. When it matters, kill without thinking twice. Your only goal should be to stay alive! The goal of this entertaining io game is to improve your character to the point where you are at the very top of the leaderboard. The field is dotted with rocks, plants, and trees. Use your weapon to knock them over and steal their food, wood, and other supplies. Using the items you've gathered, you can improve your stats, health, and arsenal. Move around by pressing the WASD keys or arrow keys; use the SPACE bar to attack. If you want more points and better stats, you should try killing other players. By creating an account, you'll gain access to additional customization options and skins. If you want to coordinate with the other players and think of some clever plans, you can also use the Discord server.

How To Play

How To Play Sploop.io

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