Ringo Starfish


Ringo Starfish2 votes. 5 / 5

Ringo Starfish discovered a mysterious island while traveling in the deep waters on his ship, which he intends to explore in quest of possible treasures. Assist our intrepid explorer in navigating his way through this strange land and avoiding the numerous hazards that await him. When feasible, jump on your adversaries or shoot them from afar to exterminate them. You will lose a heart every time an adversary or a trap touches you; you have three in total; be careful not to lose them all. To acquire the crystals dispersed throughout the land, Ringo Starfish will have to employ all of his adventurous skills. The game's 25 levels will take you to a variety of locations, and you'll have to swim, jump, use your temporary invisibility, and use all of your weapons to explore the island's most perilous sections!


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