Dibbles. Pro Pack

Dibbles. Pro Pack

Dibbles. Pro Pack is an excellent game for improving one's ability to think logically and strategically. Your mind and inventiveness will be stimulated by the many clever challenges of varying degrees of difficulty. You are kept amused and entertained during the process by a story with humorous characters and an unusual plot.

Are you prepared to actually take on the role of a strategist? This brainteaser is an excellent opportunity for you to hone your strategic thinking and become an accomplished team leader. It is your responsibility to provide Dibbles with the strategic directives he needs to neutralize the traps and determine the most expedient path to the objective. Your teeny aides are capable of constructing floaters or bridges, climbing walls, bouncing, making blows, digging holes, and doing a great deal more. Have fun trying out different strategies to complete the level and improve your ability to manage your time effectively!

How to play

How To Play Dibbles. Pro Pack

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