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Phenomenal Mario World

Phenomenal Mario World

Join Mario and the rest of the crew as you explore a mysterious new world in this exciting platformer game titled Phenomenal Mario World! Similar to the original objective, you must defeat the evil Bowser and rescue all of Yoshi's companions who he has kidnapped.

Participate in a brand-new Mario adventure featuring 9 customizable levels and a total of 11 escapes. In this game, the evil Bowser has kidnapped all of Yoshi's companions, and Mario must rescue them before it's too late. It will also feature a slew of new foes to avoid, promising gameplay elements (such as a level that fills up as you advance), shops, and secret levels to uncover. Have you got what it takes to get the job done? Best wishes.

How to play

    = Directions
Z = A   X = B
A = X   S = Y
D = L   C = R
Enter ↵  = Start
Space   = Select


Phenomenal Mario World
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