Mine Clone 4

Mine Clone 4
Mine Clone 4

Mine Clone 4 belongs to the genre of 3D Minecraft games. Imagine the entire universe as a digital sandbox in which you can build anything you can imagine. You can develop anything from a single house to an entire city or even a kingdom in this game.



How To Play

Explore the map and produce various items. You can start out small by constructing a little cottage, or you can start out big and start a massive project like building a castle! You can customize the world's size, the length of the day, and whether it will just be day or night while creating it. One significant feature is the ability to store all of your progress and never lose it. The game is entertaining and highly engaging. Use TNT to destroy a portion of the nation. Gather information. If you don't want to go very far, do you need a stone? Create a stone by melting lava close to the water. So don't think twice and join the game right away. Have fun.

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