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Merge Cakes

Merge Cakes

In Merge Cakes, prepare to lose yourself in the realm of delectable, sugary pastries! You, as the proprietor of a pastry store, should increase your repertoire and learn new recipes. From cake pops to cannolis, are you prepared to combine various sweets and unlock new ones?

How to play

First, combine two identical cakes to create an enhanced cake. Accumulate actual points to enhance these gifts, upgradeable cakes that may be purchased, unique recipes, and new secret bakeries. Each participant has access to a variety of cakes. Share the leftover cakes with your friends!


  • Combine and discover a variety of delectable cakes.
  • Simple game rules.
  • Combine cakes of the same level to produce a cake with a higher level.
  • Higher-tiered cakes are available for purchase in the shop.

Merge Cakes
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