Mario Combat Deluxe

Mario Combat Deluxe
Mario Combat Deluxe
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It's time to put Mario's incredible combat talents to the test as he battles all kinds of nasty enemies in Mario Combat Deluxe. You will be a valiant fighter for liberty and justice.

Help Mario on his journey to rid the land of those dreadful animals and recover his home. Mario will journey across the Mushroom Kingdom, bringing raging mushrooms and turtles from level to level. When confronted with opponents, try to assault them first, as they will not sit still. Avoid falling into holes, craters, or even spiked pits, as well as other traps that may be placed in your path. Their attacks might be quite harmful to your health. Using the punch and move keys, combine punches to improve and vary your punches. Make your adversaries fearful! Show the world that Mario is not someone to be irritated with!

How To Play

To navigate Mario forward and backward, use the arrow keys. By using the A key, you can jump over obstacles. By pressing the S key, you can use your fists to do massive damage to adversaries.


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