Luigi Stardust Adventure

Luigi Stardust Adventure
Luigi Stardust Adventure
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Luigi Stardust Adventure will take you on a daring and exhilarating new classic adventure! Our darling Luigi comes to Princess Peach's palace. On the journey, Luigi notices Bowser in the distance, along with hundreds of Koopas, Goombas, and other foes waiting to ruin the kingdom, so you must tell Mario before it's too late!

Put your courage to the test right now! Jump from side to side while catching gold coins and survive this awful adventure full of risks only due to your ingenuity and good reflexes. Don't give up before the above obstacles get in the way and save the kingdom before it's too late! Enjoy a more difficult platformer experience and complete all of the levels in this hack!

How To Play

↑←↓→ = [W],[A],[S],[D]

A, B, X, Y Button = [J], [K], [I], [L]

L, R Button = [U], [O]

PLAY, SELECT = [Enter], [Space-Bar]


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