Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim is a fun adventure arcade game inspired by Super Mario in which you will help Jim get to the conclusion of each level without getting wounded. Let's have some fun!

Jim, inspired by Mario's extraordinary valor, makes the decision to embark on a perilous expedition. Jim must traverse various levels, jump over obstacles, and dash across platforms in order to find the prize. Break bricks, pick up fruit, and collect money to boost your score while avoiding adversaries, spikes, and exploding blocks. Large mushrooms can be used as trampolines. It is critical to time your jumps perfectly to avoid obstacles, as well as manage your character's health during monster confrontations. Scorpions are your foes; therefore, instead of attacking them, jump on their heads. If you lose all of your lives, the game is finished, so be cautious!

How to play

Use the arrows.

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Jungle Jim
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