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Jack the Racoon

In the adventure game Jack the Racoon, you play as a kind-hearted raccoon on a perilous journey in search of sustenance. Control the raccoon to jump across platforms and grab tasty cakes, pizzas, and hotdogs while avoiding harmful hazards.

The brave raccoon chose to embark on a long and difficult journey in order to prepare the most delectable foods for the wedding anniversary celebration. The main goal is to acquire a lot of delicious food while remaining alive until the end of the level. Remember to pay attention to the characters you meet in the forest; they will give you vital information. Jack the Racoon features cute 2D pixel visuals and an intriguing plot that will delight even the most demanding players!

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press X to jump up
  • Press the Enter key to start playing or pause
  • Press Z key to run

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Jack the Racoon
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