Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator allows you to create your own bandit, and embark on an adventure filled with danger. You'll need to play the part of a small bandit in order to survive in this dangerous city. Get your weapons and get on the road! Do you think it is possible to live and survive in this city?

This exciting game features amazing 3D graphics. You will have the chance to customize and personalize your character's appearance within the confines. After you purchase your weapon, you'll be living on the streets. You will be subject to attack by those who wish to harm you. Remember that every successful shot will earn you a monetary reward. With the money earned, your cars, weaponry and character could all be upgraded. This is your chance to discover every corner of this beautiful metropolis, which has been carefully designed to provide you with stunning visuals.

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How to play

How To Play Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

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