Extra Mario Bros

Extra Mario Bros
Extra Mario Bros

Extra Mario Bros is a modification of Super Mario Bros. that includes new physics, power-ups, and a new final foe. It is based on the NES game Metroid and even incorporates some of its graphics.

This is comparable to a brand-new game, as everything is brand-new. New maps, graphics, adversaries, power-ups, physics, and bosses are included. It is a well-executed revision that is difficult but not terrible. The typical Super Mario fan can easily beat it.

Game Settings: Enter equals Start. The Arrow Keys are for movement. "Z", "X", "S", "D", and "C" are action keys. You can modify the controls by selecting "Game Controls" from the menu at the bottom of the game window.

Hold CTRL and scroll the middle mouse button up or down to zoom in or out, respectively.

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