Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection allows you to control the traffic. It is sometimes difficult to get to your destination on time because there are too many cars. This is because traffic and junctions make life more complicated. This scenario is one that you will be discussing.

This fun and entertaining game lets you drive the automobiles. You will see a steady flow in vehicles along the main street. Many vehicles are parked on the streets. Some cars drive at excessive speeds, which causes congestion in certain areas. It is your responsibility to stop the cars from crossing Main Street. Just click on the screen and let the cars that are waiting to go into Main Street flow. You can avoid a car crash by staying alert for any approaching cars. For a complete combination, gather the stars and hop on the blue star. Let's take a look at how effective you are as traffic controllers!


How to play

How To Play Crazy Intersection

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