Baby Chicco Adventures

Baby Chicco Adventures

Baby Chicco Adventures takes gamers on an adventure through the world of gaming. Baby Chicco is a sweet little penguin that loves video games. He has been a big fan of video gaming since childhood. Now, everything is true for him and his pals. Is it possible to help him escape from the dangers

He was having the best time of his lives when something very unexpected happened to our cute little penguin. He suddenly found himself in the middle of a game he'd been playing for hours. It is not as simple as it appears. You are his only hope for survival in this dangerous world. There will be many levels that he must complete. Once he has overcome all the obstacles on the planet and successfully completed all levels, then he will be able return to his homeland. As such, help him to navigate the platforms and jump over obstacles. Also, make sure to collect money so he can eliminate any harmful living things. After a long time, will you be able for him to return home?

How to play

How To Play Baby Chicco Adventures

Baby Chicco Adventures
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